Academic Portfolio

Principles of Searching

In this course we learned the general principles and practices associated with searching of information resources.  This project is a demonstration of a tutorial for using the Finger Lakes Library System website and databases.

Power Point Presentation

Screencast Video Demonstrations

Social Informatics

This course provided an overview of topics about the relationship between information technology and social behavior.  The goal of the final project was to create a digital story that demonstrates how technology impacts communities.  The topic I chose was on the use of social media to encourage civic engagement.


Social Media and Civic Engagement

Data Curation

This course covered concepts and skills needed for creating and managing a digital repository, library, or archive.  For the final project I created a plan for a project with Durland Alternatives library with their collection of VHS tapes.


Digital Libraries

This course was an introduction to what digital libraries do.  My project was a plan for digitizing a collection of Zines and making them available in a new website.


Multimedia Production

In this course we learned how to use different tools for creating websites.  It gave us hands-on experience creating educational multimedia.  This included creating a Flash animation, GIF’s and using DreamWeaver.  Below is my final website that answers the question, why be a digital librarian in the 21st century?

Why be a digital librarian in the 21st Century?

Information Technologies for Libraries and Information Agencies

This introductory course covered Web technologies such as HTML and CSS.  As well as Web programming and data management.  My final website is a sample of some of the types of tools we learned to create including forms.

Info. Technology Website